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There isn’t any this type of thing as a “typical Harvard student”

Inside our admissions processes, we provide careful, individual attention to each individual. We attempt to determine people who’ll be the best teachers of 1 another as well as their professors—individuals who’ll inspire those around all of them in their college or university ages and beyond. While we study and go over the job, check out things that will likely be on our heads.

Increases and opportunities

  • Maybe you’ve hit your optimum academic and personal capabilities?
  • Have you been stretching yourself?
  • Are you experiencing hold power to do additional?
  • Exactly how have you used your own time?
  • Have you got effort? Have you been a self-starter? Exactly what drives you?
  • Have you got a course yet? What-is-it? Otherwise, have you been checking out several things?
  • In which are you gonna be within one, five, or twenty five years? Would you add one thing to those surrounding you?
  • What sort of human being could you be now? What kind of individual are you gonna be as time goes on?

Passions and Activities

  • Do You Actually care and attention seriously around anything—Intellect? Extracurricular? Individual?
  • What have you read out of your welfare? Exactly what maybe you’ve carried out with their appeal? Just how perhaps you have accomplished results? Using what achievements or breakdown? What maybe you have learned consequently?
  • Regarding extracurricular, sports, neighborhood, or parents commitments, perhaps you have used full advantage of opportunities?
  • What is the quality of your own recreation? Do you ever appear to bring a real devotion or leadership part?
  • For those who have maybe not had enough time in senior high school for extracurricular pursuits as a result of familial, services, or any other requirements, what exactly do you desire to check out at Harvard together with your additional time?

Personal Fictional Character

  • Exactly what alternatives maybe you have intended for yourself? Why?
  • Will you be a later part of the bloomer?
  • Just how open will you be to brand-new tactics and other people?
  • How about your own readiness, personality, management, self-confidence, love of life, stamina, issue for other individuals, and elegance under great pressure?

Share to your Harvard Neighborhood

  • Will you be able to stand up to the demands and freedoms of college or university lives?
  • Are you going to add something to Harvard and to your own classmates? Are you going to benefit from their Harvard feel?
  • Would additional students desire to place with you, express dinner, maintain a seminar collectively, become teammates, or collaborate in a closely-knit extracurricular cluster local hookup app Austin?

Our Very Own Procedure

All of our admissions process makes it possible for us giving planned and meticulous factor of each candidate as one individual. It really is work extensive, but permits extraordinary versatility additionally the possibility for switching decisions practically before the time the Admissions panel mails them. It is particularly important since we have been always getting brand new information on individuals.

Obviously, no procedure is perfect. Undoubtedly, some people who aren’t admitted will dsicover fantastic victory, and also with a 97 to 98 per cent graduation rates, some admitted students may have been better supported at another organization. We do everything possible to make the best admissions decision for every college student.

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Program Strategies

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Program Requirements

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Move Applicants

Children who have finished at least one but not more than two steady scholastic decades in a full-time plan may apply at convert to Harvard.

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